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So, how does it work?
Each day, at the same time (6 AM EST) we check our list of news websites and do a simple cmd-F with the words "Clinton" and "Trump". We then report the results in our tables.
What are your sources?
Here are the links to the news websites we check every day. For some, we choose to the analyze the 'Politics Section' instead of the 'Home Page', where headlines get less attention.
Why do you do this?
We love the US2016 campaign. We love the media. We love numbers. We love charts. We hear about Trump every day, even on days when Clinton says something more newsworthy. We wanted to check if this was more than just a feeling.
Who do you think will win?
That's a good question. In France, during political campaigns, there are laws that impose equal coverage for each candidate for fear that the "most talked about candidate will become the potential winner". We want to make a comparison with the current campaign in the USA. So, if Trump wins, sadly we won't be very surprised.
Wait, what, you are French?
But, why?
It happens. And more seriously, we keep an eye on the US2016 campaign as we will have a massive presidential campaign in France in 2017.
How can we reach you?
We are on Twitter, Facebook and you can see us working on our Instagram feed. You can also send us an e-mail at
Ok, but what's your real job?
We're a design agency. We work with brands and news organizations to help them develop their online strategy and websites. Here's our website where you can see our work.

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